NVAL Families only-Chaperone and Timing Chairs for NVALs

    Otter Families-because USA Swim is limiting the number of family members on the pool deck at NVALs, the Otters have opted for one hour timing & chaperone slots so that the majority of parents may have an opportunity for at least one hour on deck as a timer or as a chaperone. The Otters understand that this may be the first time some families are at NVALs, but not to worry, no one has chaperoned before as it is a new position implemented as a result of COVID and all timers will get trained on the job. With all due respect, the chaperones should be parents of children under the age of 12.

    For those families who have already signed up and have taken multiple slots, all of those have been eliminated except for one per family; until all families have the opportunity for one slot, the team is not going to open up other slots for families who would prefer additional timing or chaperoning opportunities. 

    Mrs. Kochems will be maintaining the list and providing the master copy to the officials each day. Should you have questions, feel free to reach out to her at 530-228-7811.

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