Special Board Meeting 7/21/22 @6:15PM Orland Library Conference Room

    Special Board Meeting 

    Requested by: Brandy Thorpe & Sean Kochems

    Location: Orland Library Conference Room @ 615pm. 


    Closed session 

    1. Personnel Issues 

    Open session 

    1. Establish open board positions. 

    2. Treasurer report 

    a. Otter O Thon 

    b. Fireworks booth 

    c. Invitational Accounting 

    d. Balance with quarterly expenses. 

    e. Address member report request 

    3. NVALs 

    a. Shirts 

    b. Spirit packs 

    4. Approval of Minutes from June 27, July 11, and July 25.

    5. Discuss creating agenda for 8/3 Annual Meeting and Elections/Ballots

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