Monday Memo 7/25 - NVAL week

    1. Practice this week is limited to the swimmers attending NVALs only. Same time as usual. 

    2. There will be a tie dye station for all NVAL swimmers who replied to Ruby with shirt size immediately following practice tomorrow. If your swimmer cannot make tomorrow, please let me know by replying ASAP so that we can make plans to tie dye for them. 

    3. Lawn meeting 7PM Monday July 25 to discuss carb load and end of year dinners. 

    4. 7/25 last Stroke and Turn 7pm for all NVAL swimmers only. 

    5. Otter Trivia: What is Junior Coach Gracie’s nick name? 

    Agenda for Lawn Meeting 

    1. Gridley Recap 

    2. Tie Dye update 

    3. NVAL last minute planning 

    4. Awards Dinner/Annual Meeting planning

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