NVAL Info: 18 Timers Needed, Carb Load Dinner


    1. Tie Dye spirit shirts: At the lawn meeting last night we provided an update that the 47 tie dye shirts were all completed Monday (huge shout out to Lisa Reimers and Amanda Edson with our awesome board for making this so smoothly executed). The shirts are off to James Barnes at All in Vinyl this morning for the rush job of adding our Cool as an Otter logo for the NVAL swimmers to wear on SATURDAY (or all the days your child would like) this weekend. 

    2. NVAL Dinner: We have lots of sign ups left for CARB LOAD DINNER this Wednesday 7/27/22 from 6-8PM in the Orland High School Career Center. Your swimmers will obtain the rest of their spirit packs Wed Night, most likely Ruby will bring the tie dye shirts to Redding Friday morning once they are completed from James. At this event, there will be ziplock bags and left over walnuts, almonds, and M&Ms for the kiddos to make their own trail mix bags as a healthy snack for NVAL. If you have something you can contribute the to trail mix assembly (such as dried fruit like cranberries or raisins, coconut, granola, etc) we would love for you to bring it Wed night. 

    3. NVAL Breakfast: Amy Raymondo will  be picking up 4 dozen donuts for Thursday morning breakfast, Lisa Reimers is providing go-gurts, and Shayla Galvan is bringing bananas for a great breakfast before sending off our 44 swimmers to NVALS all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    4. TIMERS NEEDED: We are in dire need of filling timing slots, 38 total 1 hour slots are needed this weekend and we thank and appreciate the 10 parents who have signed up for 20 shifts thus far. Please see the attached PDFs for a tentative timeline of events each day (Sessions Reports) as well as psych sheets showing all swimmers (not heat and lanes yet) for each event separated by day. We the board ask all of the parents to please sign up for a timing shift for everyday they have a swimmer competing.  I will make a group text every morning and if we need to relieve a timer so they can cheer on their kiddos during that hour shift, we will make that accommodation as an Otter family.  If the shifts are all full and a parent has not signed up for a shift, please let me know what day you are available and I will offer relief to a parent/family that has signed up for multiple shifts. You can reply to this email for me to update my timing clipboard, or sign up via SwimTopia (which I will try to check on my lunch breaks and after 5pm to update). If you reply to me via email, I will add your name to SwimTopia for your shift as I can reconcile them before and after my workday. Thank you! -Ruby

     Lane 6 - FRIDAY, 7/29/22

    • 1.10-11AM: Suzi Kochems & _________________
    • 2.11-12PM: Ruby Neumann & Amy Raymondo
    • 3.12-1PM: Lisa Reimers & _________________
    • 4.1-2PM:Kathy Niehues & _________________
    • 5.2-3PM: _________________ & _________________
    • 6.3-4PM: _________________ & _________________
    • 7.4-5PM: _________________ & _________________
    • Lane 6 - SATURDAY, 7/30/22
    • 1.9-10AM: Elizabeth Vlach & Amy Raymondo
    • 2.10-11AM: Elizabeth Vlach & Ruby Neumann
    • 3.11-12PM: Shayla Galvan & Kathy Champagne
    • 4.12-1PM: Erwin Boyce & Lisa Reimers
    • 5.1-2PM: _________________ & _________________
    • 6.2-3PM: _________________ & _________________

    • Lane 6 - SUNDAY, 7/31/22
    • 1.9-10AM: Shayla Galvan & Katy Zuppan
    • 2.10-11AM: Erwin Boyce & _________________
    • 3.11-12PM: Ruby Neumann & Amy Raymondo
    • 4.12-1PM: Lisa Reimers & _________________
    • 5.1-2PM: _________________ & _________________
    • 6.2-3PM: Kathy Nieuhues & _________________
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