Otters FIREWORKS Booth Tue 7/4

    Thank you for volunteering at the fireworks booth for the Orland Otters. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we could not pull this off for our 131 swimmers without YOUR help! Please do not leave any one person ALONE during a shift and call the phone numbers posted in the booth to come assist, if needed. We have had several no-shows already and we cannot leave anyone alone for safety issues. No one under 18 is permitted to be inside the booth or the container. If you are running LATE or you need to find a replacement for your assigned shift, please please ask your family or friends to cover and then communicate any issues/changes/swaps to our Fireworks Chair:

    BRANDY THORPE Cell: 530-936-4109. Brandy would like a CALL AND A TEXT please.

    FRIDAY 6/30:

    Julie, Monica, Janene

    Shauna, Shane, Courtney

    Chris, Lindsey, Michelle L

    Chris, Kathy, Rainbow

    SATURDAY 7/1:

    Ashely, Thomas, Elizabeth

    Kathy, Nick, Meghan

    Michele G, Lindsey, Michelle L

    Shauna, Shane, Rachel

    SUNDAY 7/2:

    Nancy, Patsy, Elizabeth

    Kathy, Katelyn, Gloria

    Bonnie, Brandy, OPEN

    Isabel, Christian, Jessica

    MONDAY 7/3:

    Janene, Meghan, Elizabeth

    Justin, Lisa, Heather

    Norma, Victor, Necia

    Melissa, Bonnie, Rachel

    TUESDAY 7/4:

    Martin, Patsy, OPEN

    Isaic, Mayra, Alyssa, Wes

    Alyssa, Wes, OPEN

    Brandy, OPEN, OPEN

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