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    Monday Memo August 5th 2019

    Otter Families

    Congratulations to all the Orland Otters who came to the NVAL Championship meet!! There were lots of Best Times and "Leave it ALL in the pool effort" races this past weekend!!!  Way to Go Otters!!!!

    Our swim season has concluded, but we have one last gathering to…

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    Trivia Winners July 22nd and July 28th!!

    July 22nd

    Ruby Testerman

    Genevieve Sheldon

    Sevenah Billings

    Olivia Sheldon

    July 28th

    Coltin Jones

    Hannah Cloyd

    Alexis Vlach

    Hailey Blethroad

    Congratulations to our Otter Know Trivia Winners!!!

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    Team Dinner and NVAL Update!!!

    Hello Good Vibe Tribe Otters!!!!

    Just a few items and updates:

    • Team Dinner Potluck style tonight 6pm at OHS Career Center. Spirit Packs $5 and include new tie dye NVAL swim cap & and your swimmers choice of a couple snacks from snack bar buffet.  
    • Team Spirit at swim…
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    Monday Memo July 29th!!! NVALs & Trivia Question

    Hello Otter Families!!! 

    It's a race to the finish line this week!!!! NVALs week is upon us!!!

    This is "Taper Week"; taper week is a week of recovery for swimmers so their bodies are primed for racing this weekend.  Hydration, nutrition, and rest is ideal.

    July 29th-Aug 1st-Taper Week…

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    Don't miss out!!! NVAL entries close TONIGHT!!!

    Coach Tim has updated his swimmer count from 7 to 21!!!!  Those are better numbers for our team of 70!!!  You have until 11:59pm TONIGHT to sign up online!!! Don't miss out on the summer season's final meet and Good Vibe Tribe Fun!!! Swim one event or all three days!!!

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    NVAL Team Carb load Dinner and Breakfast

    All Swim Families are welcome to the NVAL Team Dinner. 

    At the team dinner we will be nominating new board members and everyone's input is important in selecting new board members.  

    All swimmers can partake in the "Make & Take" yogurt breakfast too, be sure to bring one of the…

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    NVAL Championships Swim Meet!!!

    Hello Otter Families!!!!

    NVAL Champion Swim Meet deadline is TONIGHT at 11:59pm!!!! This is the last meet for the Orland Otters summer season!!! This championship meet is for the swim teams in the North Valley Aquatic League and is the place for your swimmers to show off all their progress…

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    Monday Memo July 22nd 2019 and Trivia Question!!!

    Otter Know News for the week of July 22-26th

    Regular Practice all week

    1.   If you still have your Otter-O-Thon pledges, please turn them in to a board member as soon as possible.  

    2.  Tie Dye T-shirts went home last week, Oscar's Signs and Sportswear should be open this week…

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    Quincy/Plumas Rapids swim meet Warm Up Times

    Saturday and Sunday warm up times for swimmers attending the Quincy (Plumas Rapids Swim Meet) this weeks are:

    Arrive to pool by 7:45am

    Warm ups at 8:00am

    Go Otters!!!!

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    Norah Reimers 2nd place High Point Girls 9-10!!!

    Congratulations to NORAH REIMERS Orland Otters Girls 9-10 2nd Place Individual High Point winner!!!

    Sorry NORAH!! Didn’t mean to forget your High Point!!

    My apologies-Amy

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