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    Upcoming Swim Official Clinic

    Please consider joining the Otters as a Swim Official for Summer 2023.  Our team cannot bring home ribbons from team invitationals without Officials, and it is a great way to get your volunteer hours in.  There is no knowledge of swimming required.  You will learn the strokes in the clinic…

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    Lost & Found

    Hello Otter Family!

    Please see the attached picture for our Otter lost and found and reply if something belongs to you to arrange pick up by next Thursday, August 18. We will be donating next weekend, if not claimed. Thank you! 

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    ​Notice of Amendment to Bylaws Otters Board Meeting Friday August 26, 2022

    Notice of Amendment to Bylaws Otters Board Meeting 

    Friday August 26, 2022 

    Location: private residence. Please email reply for address. 

    Time: 6:30PM


    1. Approve Previous Minutes 

    2. Text Motions on record 

    3. Financial Update to incoming Treasurer 

    a. Bills/Reimbursement 

    b. Season recap expenditures 


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    Awards Dinner tonight- Band Camp also having dinner near us

    Otter parents, for the end-of-the-year banquet at the Orland High School career center, please enter the career center by the office, not via the band room entrance. The OHS band camp is going on at the same time and they will be serving their dinner meal outside of the band…

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    Final Monday Memo & Annual Meeting Agenda 8/3/22

    Final Monday Memo 

    1. Congrats to our 42 Otter swimmers surviving record breaking heat and taking 2nd place as a seasonal team this weekend at NVALs! 

    2. No lawn meeting or stroke and turn tonight. 

    3. Hope to see all swimmers this Wednesday 8/3 from 6-8pm at…

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    NVAL Info: 18 Timers Needed, Carb Load Dinner


    1. Tie Dye spirit shirts: At the lawn meeting last night we provided an update that the 47 tie dye shirts were all completed Monday (huge shout out to Lisa Reimers and Amanda Edson with our awesome board for making this so smoothly executed). The shirts are off to…

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    Monday Memo 7/25 - NVAL week

    1. Practice this week is limited to the swimmers attending NVALs only. Same time as usual. 

    2. There will be a tie dye station for all NVAL swimmers who replied to Ruby with shirt size immediately following practice tomorrow. If your swimmer cannot make tomorrow, please let me know by…

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    Special Board Meeting 7/21/22 @6:15PM Orland Library Conference Room

    Special Board Meeting 

    Requested by: Brandy Thorpe & Sean Kochems

    Location: Orland Library Conference Room @ 615pm. 


    Closed session 

    1. Personnel Issues 

    Open session 

    1. Establish open board positions. 

    2. Treasurer report 

    a. Otter O Thon 

    b. Fireworks booth 

    c. Invitational Accounting 

    d. Balance with…

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    Monday Memo 7/18/22

    Please find the Agenda below for Monday’s lawn meeting at 7pm. 

    1. Discussion on reinstating Sarah Billings to the Board without a membership vote. 

    2. Survey Monkey Results 

    3. NVAL Planning, Redding July 29-31

    4. Carb Load Dinner for NVALS July 27 

    5. End…

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    1. PICTURE DAY TOMORROW! Wednesday 7/13 8AM for individual (or buddy) photos and 9AM for team photo. No official practice tomorrow. 

    2. DUAL MEET: Please sign up your swimmer for the dual meet in Orland against Oroville tomorrow and be sure to sign up for a job (set…

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