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Team Handbook

Orland Otter Mission Statement

To provide a competitive swimming experience for all levels of swimmers. Otters will use hard work to meet personal and team goals while maintaining respect for other competitors, coaches, and our community. 

Team Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a positive, success-oriented training program for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our team consists of four integral parts: swimmers, parents, coaches, and board of directors.

Swimmers are encouraged to participate and compete to the best of their abilities at team meets. Swimmers need to focus on improving their technique, enabling them to swim faster and more efficiently. 

Parents are called upon for volunteer support, encouragement, and assistance with their swimmer and team.

Coaches are to provide the swimmers with proper technique building and training experiences in order to prepare them to compete to the best ability of each swimmer.

Board of Directors is the governing body that oversees the setting of policies, financial management, and the general administration of the team.

Code of Conduct for Otters and Otter Families

Swimmers are expected to encourage their teammates at practice and during competition. Working together as a team for the benefit of the team is an important part of Orland Otter Swim Team Spirit! At all swim team functions and meets, swimmers and parents are expected to behave in a way that reflects positively on the team. Behavior including, but not limited to, abusive and inappropriate language, lying, stealing, fighting, or vandalism will not be tolerated. Those engaging in these behaviors will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors and can/will include suspension and/or removal from the team.  

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Swimmer Responsibilities and Commitments

Safety First

You will enjoy your experience with the Orland Otter Swim Team by staying healthy and injury free. For your safety, follow all the pool safety rules as posted inside the Orland City Pool, at all times – listen to your coaches. Behavior considered to be dangerous is not acceptable. Action will be taken for dangerous behavior, including suspension and/or expulsion from the swim program as outlined in our disciplinary action.

Practice and Meet Preparation

Take responsibility by being on time for practice and meets. Be responsible for having your swim gear ready for practice and meets. This may include extra suits, goggles and swim caps, towels, t-shirts or cover-ups, sunglasses, shoes, sunscreen, food, liquids and money for meets. Rushing into or being unprepared for a competition can stress everyone out – parents, coaches and especially the swimmer. During practices, swimmers are never to leave the pool area without a coach’s permission. If a swimmer must leave practice early, they must notify the coach before practice begins. Please be sure your swimmer knows who is picking them up or how they are getting home after practice.

Support the Team

Please support, cheer and congratulate the other swimmers. Wear your team suit at all official swim meets (Duals, Tri-Meets, Invitational Meets and Championships). Sportsmanship is an important part of the Orland Otter Swim Team. Swimmers: never leave the pool after your race is over until all other swimmers in your event have finished and you have shaken hands with the competitor in the lane(s) next to you. Respect for all officials, coaches and other non-swimmers is expected as well.

Participate in Dual/Tri-Meets

Dual and/or Tri-Meets are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. with warm-ups beginning at 5:30 p.m. Admission and participation is FREE. Check your Swim Meet Calendar for the dates, times, and locations. Attendance at these meets is strongly encouraged. These are extremely fun, and provide skill building for all swimmers! Parents can sign their swimmers up for Dual Meets under the  "Swim meets & Jobs" tab at https://orlandotters.swimtopia.com.  Swimmers will indicate their choice of 2 events and/or relay to swim. Coaches will determine relay teams. Swimmers will receive their event cards prior to the start of each meet. A lot of paperwork, effort and time go into entering and organizing a swimmer for these meets. If you have signed up for a meet and cannot make the event for any reason, please notify the Head Coach immediately so that changes can be made. Swim meets are what being part of a swim team is all about. Come and have fun, support your team and meet new people and enjoy the friendly competition!

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