NVAL Plans!

    NVAL Plans!

    1. WARM UPS are at 8:30am Friday. The canopy set up starts at 6:30am and we encourage our Otter families to come early to secure a spot. We typically set up by the warm up pool that is a part of the main competition pool on deck. There is a shower pole right by our area, it is across the pool from the snack bar.

    Warm ups for Saturday & Sunday are at 730am

    2. WARDROBE: since we have so much Otter swag to wear we have a suggestion for dress code below.

    We encourage your athlete to wear their spirit shirt all 3 days since they wear their swimsuits all day, if they so choose.

    FRIDAY: any Otter shirt.

    SATURDAY: Tie Dye! This can be for those who purchased an NVAL shirt to match our athlete or any tie dye print!

    SUNDAY: blue Otter shirt (Otter Space would be great!)

    3. Please be sure to drink LOTS of water! Even though it is cooler than years past, it will still be HOT.

    4. Many of us will be having dinner on Saturday night at Red Robin with our families. Last year we all sat at tables near each other and bottomless fries were a huge hit!

    5. AWARDS are Sunday and we did take 2nd place best season team last year so we sure hope you can stay for awards on Sunday! The Otter Board prides ourselves in winning that coveted MOST SPIRITED AWARD! We are loud and proud and encourage all 52 Otters and their family members to cheer on every Otter in that pool! Please join us in shouting out encouraging phrases such as KICK KICK KICK! GO GO GO GO! SWIM FAST! BREATHE LATER!! This is so fun and we all get swept up in the magic of our Otter Family!

    Let's goooo NVAL Crew! 

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